Custom Millwork

At The Sophia Design Group, "custom millwork" covers a lot of ground. There are so many elements that can be "milled" with the advent of C&C machines, the sky is the limit. C&C machines have been turned into 3-D Printers in the shops of America. Send us your ideas and let us show you how creative we can be!

Custom Coffers with Absorptive Inserts

Coffers are utilized in some of the more classic style of room design. The Sophia Design Group has developed coffers that are pre-built and finished, with absorptive inserts. This is an awesome way to diffuse sound waves bouncing off of the ceiling.

For our builder clients, having these elements pre-built and prefinished, expedites the construction process considerably.

Custom Diffuser Panels

The custom diffuser panels are completely random and engineered to fit into stud bays that are framed on 16" centers.
These custom modules are manufactured in 1' increments.
These inserts are not only very effective from an acoustic perspective, but they are also part of our Green Initiative. We have reduced our environmental footprint by about 8 cubic yards per week. And as our business increases, these products will continue to play a vital role in treating the Dolby Atmos projects and continue to help us manufacture responsibly.

Custom Draperies

Custom Draperies are often times used to soften the look of a room. These fixtures can be automated by your AV Dealer of choice and are available in a multitude of colors.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are an important part of every Media Room or Theater Project. Typically, "Absorptive" panels are placed in the primary reflection points to eliminate sound waves from bouncing around the room, creating what your brain recognizes as noise. Some are "Reflective" and are used to manage the sound waves that we want to travel appropriate paths. Some are "Diffusive," these panels are utilized to stop slap-echoes. Again, managing the sound waves without eliminating them from the field of play.

That is the quick explanation of room acoustics 101. There is significantly more to acoustic engineering. However, the reality is that as pretty as we can make them look, they really do serve an important purpose in your cinematic experience.

Acoustic panels are priced by the square foot. Price is determined by the type of panel and the fabric with which it is covered. There are literally thousands of fabrics available. The first thing to consider is whether the fabric is acoustically transparent. As a general rule of thumb, that means you can: 1. Breathe through it. 2. See light through it 3.Run water through it. If you have a fabric you are considering, send it in and let us perform a free evaluation.

Custom Ceiling Treatments

Typically, Ceiling Treatments refer to acoustic panels or fiber optic panels being applied to the surface of the ceiling. At The Sophia Design Group, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the best Interior Designers and Architects in the country to help produce their incredible visions.

Custom Columns

Columns come in all shapes and sizes. We encourage our clients to search the world over for a column or architectural detail that they like. Bring it to our design team and let us manufacture each element to fit your project.

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